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Information Society

2014, Issue 3


Editors word

Intelligent Information Systems: Current Research
ZAKHAROVA Alena Aleksandrovna

Fundamental Research in the field of Information Society

Internet of Things: Semiotic Convergence of the Natural and the Artificial in Communications
LUKYANOVA Nataliya Aleksandrovna

Information Society and State Power

Voluntary Geo-Information Systems for Municipal and Regional Management
IVANOV Konstantin Aleksandrovich, Michele CAMPAGNA, KUDINOV Anton Viktorovich, MARKOV Nikolay Grigoryevich

Education in the Information Society

Decision Making IT System for Graduates of Bachelor Degree Courses
MOKINA Elena Evgenyevna, MARUKHINA Olga Vladimirovna, FISOCHENKO Oksana Nikolayevna, BERESTNEVA Elena Viktorovna

Mathematical Modeling of the Educational Process in Assessing the Quality of a Higher Education Institutions Operation
RIESEN Yuliya Sergeyevna, ZAKHAROVA Alena Aleksandrovna, MININ Mikhail Grigoryevich

Science and Innovations in the Information Society

Informational Properties of Seismic Signals Phase Spectrums
IVANCHENKOV Viktor Pavlovich, KOCHEGUROV Aleksandr Ivanovich, ORLOV Oleg Viktorovich

Enabling Information Exchange between Object of Study and Visual Data Models
ZAKHAROVA Alena Aleksandrovna, SHKLYAR Aleksey Viktorovich

Information Society Technologies

Tools to Create a Single Information Space of Industrial Companies
MARKOV Nikolay Grigoryevich

Visual Language as a Communication Tool in the Man-Machine System
BERESTNEVA Olga Grigorievna, BRYLINA Irina Vladimirovna, KORNIENKO Alla Aleksandrovna, MOISEENKO Aleksandr Vladimirovich

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The book of P. Knight "Internet in Brazil". Formation. Strategy, Development and Management" is published



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