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Information Society

2014, Issue 4


Editors word

In Commemoration of Igor Nikolaevich Bukreev

Leaders of the Information Society

You Have to Take Advantage of Opportunities
Dr. Michael STANTON

Foreign Experience. International Cooperation

The Internet in Brazil. Origins, Strategy, Development and Governance. Chapter 1

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Foundation of the Theory of Integrated Communications: Definition and Approaches
Nelli Sergeevna BACHURINA

Cyber Help in Health, Education and Social Policy
Elena Vladimirovna PAVLENKO, Yuliya Sergeevna PEREPECHINA, Larisa Evgenyevna PETROVA, Elena Viktorovna PRYAMIKOVA, Vera Sergeevna KHARCHENKO

Companys Internet Marketing and Image-Building Component in 2 Market
Valeriy Viktorovich NIKISHKIN, Maria Dmitrievna TVERDOKHLEBOVA

Sports and Tourism in the Information Society

Social Space of Tourism in the Information Society
Svetlana Viktorovna DUSENKO

Documents, events, initiatives

II Annual National Conference "From an aging society - a society for all ages"



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