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Information Society

2014, Issue 5-6


Editors word

Yuri Hohlov: a Man without Age, but with Merits

Leaders of the Information Society

It Is Important to Preserve Whatever the Internet has Brought to Our Life

Information Society Measurement

Methodology of Assessment of Compliance of a Public (Municipal) Government Authoritys Activities with the Legal Acts and Regulations of the Russian Federation in the Exercise of Information and Technological Provision (Support) of Its Activities
BRILL Denis Valerievich, ERSHOVA Tatiana Viktorovna, KONDRATYEV Vladimir Alekseevich, MOSKALYOV Sergey Aleksandrovich, PADZHEV Valentin Valentinovich, HOLODOV Aleksey Dmitrievich, HOHLOV Yuri Evgenievich, SHAPOSHNIK Sergey Borisovich

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Recursive Complexity of Techno-Social Systems as Social Risks Driver
ORLOV Dmitriy Evgenyevich

Shaping the Information Environment as the Basis of the Region Sustainable Development (the Kamchatka Region Case Study)
Galina Vladimirovna PETRUK, Olga Igorevna SHESTAK

The Human in the Information Society

From Information Disorientation to Superficial Consumption of Information
ILYIN Aleksey Nikolayevich

Development of Specific Network Genres of Communication
BOCHAROVA Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Virtual Carnival as the Space of Symbolic Representation of a Person
VAVILOVA Zhanna Evgenievna

Information Society and State Power

Russian E-Government as the System of Systems
AKATKIN Yury Mikhaylovich, DROZHZHINOV Vladimir Ivanovich, KONYAVSKIYI Valery Abramovich

Culture in the Information Society

Ethnical Processes in the Global Information Space
NIKITINA Erbina Vitalyevna

Information Society and Mass Media

New Models of Distributing Local Variations of Pop Culture Values in the Context of the Information Society: South Korea Example
KAMINCHENKO Dmitriy Igorevich

Foreign Experience. International Cooperation

The Internet in Brazil. Origins, Strategy, Development, and Governance. Chapter 2

Information Society Technologies

To the Issue of Choosing Technical Facilities Designed to Collect and Process Data of the National Population Census 2020
MANZHULA Oleg Vladimirovich



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