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Information Society

2015, Issue 1


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Our Brasilian telenovel

Leaders of the Information Society

Achieving Consensus as a Principle of Internet Governance
Hartmut GLASER

Fundamental Research in the field of Information Society

Some Key Definitions of Informatization Category Status and Subject Domain
SMOLYAN Georgiy Lvovich

Culture in the Information Society

National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan on its Way to the Information Society
ELIZAROVA Rimma Uzbekovna

Healthcare in the Information Society

How to Click the Buttons? Healthcare Informatisation and Organizational Resistance Issue
DYAKOVA Elena Grigoryevna, TRAKHTENBERG Anna Davidovna

Trust and Security in the Information Society

Trusted Connections as the Foundation of Information Security of the State
YAKUBOV Tagir Yagudovich, ISKHAKOV Almaz Railevich, MANNAPOV Albert Raisovich

Foreign Experience. International Cooperation

The Internet in Brazil. Origins, Strategy, Development, and Governance. Chapter 3



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