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Information Society

2015, Issue 2-3


Editors word

Ubuntu: I exist because you exist

Leaders of the Information Society

E-Transformation: Evolutionary Challenges to Render South Africa a Digital Society

Fundamental Research in the field of Information Society

Research Megatrends in the Information Society and Issues of Social and Cultural Security
BAEVA Ludmila Vladimirovna

Information Society: Policy and Drivers

Transforming to a Networked Society. A Guide for Policy Makers

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Evolution of Mental Models in the Network Information Society
KOBLOVA Yuliya Aleksandrovna

Developing Recommendations on Using the National Population Census Data Based on the Open Government Concept
MANZHULA Oleg Vladimirovich

Modern Society and Networking Society
LYSAK Irina Vitalyevna, KOSENCHUK Ludmila Fedorovna

The Human in the Information Society

Writing and Reading on Paper and on Screen
VERSHINSKAYA Olga Nikolaevna

Information Society and the Phenomenon of Sliding Consumerism
ILYIN Aleksey Nikolaevich

Information Society and State Power

Regional Informatization: Powers Allocation Optimization
Efimov Alexey Borisovich, Raikov Aleksander Nikolaevich, Shubenkova Aleksandra Yuryevna

Culture in the Information Society

3D Graphic Reconstruction and Visualization of an Archeological Monument
CHERNENKO Elena Aleksandrovna

Information Society and Law

Developing the Legislation on Official E-Publication of Regulations of the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation
LUTSENKO Ekaterina Sergeevna, SKLIFUS Stanislav Vitalievich

Information Society and Mass Media

On the Issue of Fragmenting the Modern Media Landscape: Theory and Empirical Results
NAZAROV Mikhail Mikhailovich

PR Technologies as a Tool of Efficiently Promoting Youth State Programmes
Tamara Kerimovna Rostovskaya, Tatiana Andreevna Kipshara

Information Society Technologies

Information Analysis of View Images of Urban Development
Vladimir Alekseevich NEMTINOV, Ivan Aleksandrovich GORELOV, Maria Olegovna VOROBYOVA



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