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Information Society

2015, Issue 4


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And Clouds Like Banners Are Hoisted above Us

Leaders of the Information Society

ICT and Telecommunications are Now a Part of any Solution
Houlin Zhao

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Prospects of Altmetrics Application in Social Sciences and Humanities
Maksim Andreevich YUREVICH, Irina Pavlovna TSAPENKO

New Capabilities of Information Risks Insurance: 15 Years After
Valeriy Arkadyevich KONYAVSKIY, Mikhail Yuryevich KUZMIN, Boris Vladimirovich KRISTALNIY

Crowdsourcing: a New Classification for Analysis of New Opportunities

Culture in the Information Society

Clouds and More: Important Issues of Information and Library Technologies Development
Vladimir Timofeevich GRIBOV

Information Society and State Power

Internet-Communication of Political Parties: Typological Features and Tools
Dmitry Vyacheslavovich CHIZHOV



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