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Information Society

2015, Issue 5


Editors word

Information technology as a factor of social well-being

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Social and Economic Well-Being of the Modern Information Society
FROLOVA Elena Aleksandrovna, RYZHKOVA Marina Vyacheslavovna, KASHAPOVA Elmira Ramisovna

Innovation Resistance as a Threat to the Social Well-Being
BARYSHEVA Galina Anzelmovna, DIBROV Artem Mikhailovich

Science and Innovations in the Information Society

Modern Trends in Science and Technology of the Information Society as a Basis for the Future Technological Progress
KARTASHOVA Anna Aleksandrovna, SHIRKO Tatiana Ivanovna

Information Society Technologies

Algorithm for Generating Individual 3D Model of Human Face from the Bitmap Image of the Face and a Set of Specific 3D Models
NEBABA Stepan Gennadievich, ZAKHAROVA Alena Aleksandrovna, ANDREEV Sergey Yuryevich

Information Technologies for Studying of Elderly Peoples Well-Being
BARYSHEVA Galina Anzelmovna, TARAN Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Olga Evgenyevna KOROVINA

Model of Urban Transport System as a Tool to Forecast Parameters of Route Transport Traffic
POGREBNOY Vadim Yuryevich

Foreign Experience. International Cooperation

Young People and Sustainable Development Relations with the Future?
Jasmine GODEMANN (Translation and comments by E.V. Fell, N.A. Lukyanova)



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