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Information Society

2016, Issue 1


Editors word

The Beauty of Our Dreams

Leaders of the Information Society

Not to Catch Up, But to Search for Our Own Points of Growth
TSOY Valentin Evgenyevich

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Creating and Developing Local Information System of the Tomsk Region
Mikhail Arkadievich SONKIN, Natalia Rudegerovna MASLOVA, Sergey Anatolievich BAIDALEE, Sergey Vyacheslavovich SEMYKIN, Aleksey Gennadievich PLESHKOV

ERP Implementation and Use Monitoring Indicators System Development in Russia and Abroad
Klim Evgenievich LEGCHAKOV

Pseudo Information Essence of Advertisement and Branding in Consumer Society
Aleksey Nikolaevich ILYIN

Information Society and Law

E-Participation in Russia: a New State and Society Interaction Tool or Electronic Potemkin Village?

Education in the Information Society

Blending Learning in Higher Education
Diana Valentinovna BURIMSKAYA

Science and Innovations in the Information Society

Legal Regulation of State Support of Scientific and Innovative Activities in Different Regions of the Russian Federation
Elena Aleksandrovna Salitskaya



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