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Information Society

2016, Issue 6


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For Gist and Grant Make Haviest Labour Light

Fundamental Research in the field of Information Society

On the Methodological Potential of the Technological Structure Concept
LUKINA Nelly Petrovna, SAMOKHINA Natalya Nikolaevna

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Control over the Execution of Legislative Requirements on Information Disclosure by Insurers
BRYZGALOV Denis Victorovich, TSYGANOV Aleksandr Andreevich

Axiological Foundations of the Social Participation Risks in the Context of Globalization
OGORODNIKOV Alexander Yuryevich, CHURIN Vladimir Vladimirovich

Education in the Information Society

Technology of Extracting Knowledge in the Service of Research Activities of a University
KONONOVA Olga Vitalyevna, KRUTKO Elena Alekseevna, LYAPIN Sergey Hamzeevich

Customized Fraud: the Nature and Educational Tools to Counteract the Fraud
YUNOV Sergey Vledlenovich

Information Society and Law

Intellectual Property Ontology: from the Gutenberg Galaxy to Internet Galaxy
ALEKSEEVA Darya Aleksandrovna

Sports and Tourism in the Information Society

Online Activity of the Olympic Volunteer Movement Sochi-2014 before and after Games
SUKHARKOVA Marina Petrovna

Foreign Experience. International Cooperation

Russian and Mongolian Information Interaction in Trans-Boundary Baikal Lake Basin Management
BESHENTSEV Andrey Nikolaevich, GARMAEV Yendon Zhamyanovich



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