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Information Society

2017, Issue 2


Editors word

Smart technologies for a new life

Leaders of the Information Society

Data is the Fuel of Digital Economy
Andrea DI MAIO

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Managing the Balance of Strategy and Tactics in Digital Enterprises and Electronic Governments Implementation
ZINDER Evgeny Zakharovich

Building Network Structures within the Doctrine of National Consolidation: Risks and Economic Aspects of Security
GOLOSKOKOV Leonid Viktorovich

The Human in the Information Society

Social World of the Personality in the Virtual Networks Era
MARARITSA Larisa Valeryevna, TITOV Sergey Mikhaylovich

Information Society and State Power

Improving E-Democracy Tools with the Use of Collective Intelligence Technology
PROTASOV Vladislav Ivanovich, SLAVIN Boris Borisovich

Science and Innovations in the Information Society

On Smart Cities Standards
NAMIOT Dmitry Evgenyevich

Hyper-Network Theory and Interdisciplinary Integration of Cognitive and Social Sciences
MIKHAYLOV Igor Feliksovich

Information Society Technologies

Visual Analysis of E-Government for Strategic and Spatial Planning
RAYKOV Aleksandr Nikolaevich



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