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Information Society

2017, Issue 4-5


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Everything Should Make Sense

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Social omplication: Trends and Prospects
OPOLEV Pavel Valeryevich

"Cloudworking" as a New Natural Stage in the Evolution of Social and Labor Relations Influenced by ICT
DEGTYAREV Alexey Valeryevich

Assessment of the Information Potential of Employment in Russia
NOVIKOVA Irina Viktorovna

The Digital Economy

Will Cryptocurrency Be Able to Ensure Development of Digital Economy in Russia?
BAUER Vladimir Petrovich, VOROZHIKHIN Vladimir Valterovich, RAIKOV Alexander Nikolaevich, SMIRNOV Vladimir Vasilyevich

Digital Economy of China: New Stage of the National Economic Development
REVENKO Nikolay Sergeevich

The Human in the Information Society

The Problem of the Information Crisis: Stressful Aspects of the Informations Impact on the Human Mind
ZHELNIN Anton Igorevich

Information and Communicative Behavior of Users within Web Communities
BOCHAROVA Tatyana Alexandrovna

Contemporary Russian Students' Perception of the Information Overload in Social Media
CHUMAKOVA Varvara Pavlovna

Information Society and State Power

The Internet as a Mean for Interaction of Russians with the State Authorities and Local Self-government
NEFEDOVA Alena Igorevna

Healthcare in the Information Society

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare
GUSEV Aleksandr Vladimirovich, DOBRIDNYUK Sergey Leonidovich

Science and Innovations in the Information Society

The Role of the Scientific Community in the Development of the Information Society in the Regions of Russia
SHAPOSHNIK Sergey Borisovich

Information Society and Mass Media

User-generated Content as a Result of Media Sphere Transformation
MOLCHANOVA Olga Ilyinichna

Political Scandals Coverage Bias and the Problem of Trust in Television
EFANOV Alexander Alexandrovich

Information Society Technologies

Prospects for Creation of the State System of Mobile Video Monitoring
GEIDAROV Polad Shahmaly Oglu

Development and Implementation of Interactive Terminals for Electronics Stores
ABDULGALIMOV Gramudin Latifovich, MIKEROV Sergey Sergeevich



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