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Information Society

2018, Issue 3


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The Digital Economy

Key Competences for the Digital Economy
ERSHOVA Tatiana Viktorovna, ZIVA Svetlana Valeryevna

Education in the Information Society

Not to Fall Behind in Development: Russia and Mathematical Education in the Information Society
MALAKHOV Vadim Aleksandrovich

Culture in the Information Society

Prognostics of Alexander Panarin: Transcendental Cultural Categories and the Global Cognitive Continuum
BUNDIN Yury Ivanovich

Information Society and Mass Media

Media Convergence as a Process of Integration of Media Innovations in the Networking Community
MOLCHANOVA Olga Ilyinichna

Information TV Programs in the Format of Breaking News: Composition, Technology and Peculiarities of Media Perception
YEFANOV Alexander Alexandrovich

Information Society and Law

Limits of Legal Regulation in the Digital Age
DMITRIK Nikolay Andreevich

Information Society Technologies

Adaptive contextual-thematic machine translation
GOLDREER Michael Markovich

Sports and Tourism in the Information Society

Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism in the Information Society
FEDOROVA Marina Vladimirovna



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