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Information Society

2019, Issues 4-5

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About the digital development paradigm
ERSHOVA Tatiana Victorovna

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Folk Epistemology as a Program for Knowledge Acceptance Mechanisms Studies
GOLUBINSKAYA Anastasia Valerievna

Innovative Startups at the First Three Years on the Market: a Way to Sustainable Development
TSAPLIN Evgeny Vladimirovich, KOSOVA Olga Andreevna

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding a Changing World
VERSHINSKAYA Olga Nikolaevna, GALYUZHIN Alexey Yuryevich

Building a Model of the Impact of Modern Digital Communications on the Professional Competences of Russian Youth
BRODOVSKAYA Elena Viktorovna, DOMBROVSKAYA Anna Yurievna, PYRMA Roman Vasilevich, AZAROV Artur Aleksandrovich, SYNIAKOV Aleksey Victorovich

The Digital Economy

Crisis Management of the Socio-economic System in the Digital Economy
CHERESHKIN Dmitriy Semyonovich, TSIGICHKO Vitaly Nikolaevich

International Aspects of the Development of Digital Platforms in the Agricultural Sector
REVENKO Liliya Sergeevna, REVENKO Nikolay Sergeevich

The Use of Blockchain Technology in Creating an Information System to Carry out Operations of Shares Purchase and Sale in a Close Corporation
ERAHTINA Olga Sergeyevna, KONDRATYEVA Ksenia Sergeyevna, KUKARKIN Ilya Andreyevich, SUKHOV Alexander Olegovich

Education in the Information Society

The Role of Universities in Training Specialists for Smart Cities: an Inside View
VOLKOV Sergey Konstantinovich

Analysis of Required Competences of Project Managers in the Application of Blockchain Technology
GRACHEVA Anastasia Andreevna, DAGAEV Alexander Alexandrovich

Information Society and Law

Modes of Copyright in the Information and Library Sphere
TSUKERBLAT Dmitry Mironovich, KRASILNIKOVA Irina Yuryevna

Information Society and Mass Media

Social Algorithms for Online Communities: an Analytical Review
SUVOROVA Alena Vladimirovna, BAKHITOVA Alina Asylanovna, Kuznetsova Anastasiya Dmitrievna, Gulyaev Pavel Romanovich

Information Society Technologies

Various Modes of Using Reference Managers Software in a System of Selective Dissemination of Information
IVANOVSKII Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, TKACHEVA Ekaterina Vasilyevna



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