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You are at the website of the scientific and analytical journal "Information Society", dedicated to the establishment and development of the information society in Russia.

Today, the "Information Society" journal is the only Russian edition that consistently and consecutively gives coverage to the state policy on the information society. Its materials aim to shape the Russian community of scientists, experts, politicians and practitioners that persistently study ICT opportunities for social and economic development.

Importance of our journal has grown ever higher due to the adopted Strategy of Information Society Development in the Russian Federation (2008) and the need to take further steps in implementing the Strategy, as well as due to instructions of the President of Russia to set conditions for integration of Russia in the global information society.

Journal subscribers include federal and regional authorities and local self-governments, research and educational institutions, libraries of Russia and CIS countries, non-profit companies and organizations, individual ICT experts.

In 2014, the journal celebrated its 25th anniversary. It was founded in 1989 and until 1996 it was called the "Herald of the Russian Society of Computer Science and Engineering".

Since February 2010, the journal is included in the list of periodicals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for publishing master's and doctoral dissertation research materials.

New issue of the journal for January - February 2018

January - February 2018

Editors word

Dont shoot the black swans

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Go to the Future or Stay in the Past?
VERSHINSKAYA Olga Nikolaevna

Knowledge Economy and the Information Society: Ten Years Later
DAGAEV Alexander Alexandrovich

On the Anthropological Future of the NBICS Society
BASALAEVA Oksana Gennadyevna

Pax Urbanica: Cities in Global Networked Civilization
VERSHININA Inna Alfredovna, DOBRINSKAYA Darya Egorovna

Informational/Global in Understanding of Modern Society by Manuel Castells
NAUMENKO Tamara Vasilyevna

The Digital Economy

E-Commerce Market Institutions: Logistics Providing
KALUZHSKY Mikhail Leonidovich

The Human in the Information Society

Elderly Muscovites in the Information World
POPOV Pavel Vasilyevich, USPENSKAYA Tatiana Nikolaevna



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