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You are at the website of the scientific and analytical journal "Information Society", dedicated to the establishment and development of the information society in Russia.

Today, the "Information Society" journal is the only Russian edition that consistently and consecutively gives coverage to the state policy on the information society. Its materials aim to shape the Russian community of scientists, experts, politicians and practitioners that persistently study ICT opportunities for social and economic development.

Importance of our journal has grown ever higher due to the adopted Strategy of Information Society Development in the Russian Federation (2008) and the need to take further steps in implementing the Strategy, as well as due to instructions of the President of Russia to set conditions for integration of Russia in the global information society.

Journal subscribers include federal and regional authorities and local self-governments, research and educational institutions, libraries of Russia and CIS countries, non-profit companies and organizations, individual ICT experts.

This year our journal turns 30 years old it was founded in 1989 and until 1996 was called The Bulletin of the Russian Society of Informatics and Computer Engineering. Since 1999, the journal has been published by independent non-profit organizations: the Institute for the Information Society and the Russian Academy of Engineering (registration certificate No. 015766).

Since February 2010, the journal is included in the list of periodicals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for publishing master's and doctoral dissertation research materials in several research disciplines.

New issues of the journal for January - April 2019

January - April 2019

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Multi-sided digital platforms and digitization of personality - about this and much more

Social and Economic Aspects of the Information Society

Determinants of Russian People Participation in Crowdfunding
GORDEEV Mikhail Nikolaevich

The Digital Economy

Digital Platforms in Russia: Competition between National and Foreign Multi-sided Platforms Stimulates Growth and Innovation

Bitcoin: Genesis, Practice and Development Prospects. Part 2
BAUER Vladimir Petrovich, SMIRNOV Vladimir Vassilievich

Application of Blockchain Technology in the field of Agriculture
POPOK Leonid Evgenievich

The Human in the Information Society

Studying Consumer Attitude towards Creating an Automated Communication System in Services Market
ARTYUSHINA Ekaterina Valerievna

Inevitability of Communication Alienation in the Era of Globalization
LESCHENKO Tatiana Anatolievna, SOKOLOVA Irina Viktorovna,
TEPLOVA Lyubov Ivanovna

Education in the Information Society

ICT Competence of Russian Teachers (According to the PIAAC International Research)
DVORETSKAYA Irina Vladimirovna

Data Management in Modern Digital Learning Environments
ABRAMSKY Mikhail Mikhailovich

Science and Innovations in the Information Society

On the Issue of Studying Scientific News (a Review of Domestic Publications)
YUDINA Inna Gennadievna,  VAKHRAMEEVA Zoya Vladimirovna,
FEDOTOVA Olga Anatolievna

Information Society and Law

Legal Aspects of Human Personality Digitization
BUDNIK Ruslan Aleksandrovich

Trust and Security in the Information Society

Information Security of Childhood in the Context of a New Media Culture
POLYANINA Alla Kerimovna

Information Society and Mass Media

Advertising as a Utopian Construct: New Trends in Myth-making in the Modern Information Society
VAVILOVA Zhanna Yevgenievna



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