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Guidelines for Reviewers

All articles submitted to the editorial office of  “Information Society” journal are subject to mandatory review.

The editor-in-chief matches an article with Journal sections and submits it to one of the members of the editorial board of the Journal, who is in charge of the respective field. The member of the editorial board either reviews the article by himself / herself, or chooses a reviewer, to whom the article is submitted. An article is usually reviewed within 2 – 3 weeks.

The following issues are to be included in the review:

  • whether article content complies with the title;
  • timeliness and novelty of the materials the article contains;
  • significance of the materials the article contains in terms of theory and/or applicability;
  • reliability and validity of conclusions the article contains;
  • contribution of the author to solution of the problem being considered;
  • comprehensible presentation of the article materials;
  • open character of the article materials (the confidentiality mark is the reason to refuse to  publish the article);
  • positive aspects that assist to publishing the article;
  • negative aspects that prevent from publishing the article;
  • recommendations of amending the article by the author;
  • conclusion of publishing the article in the Journal (whether it is recommended to publish the article; to publish the article with amendments introduced; not to publish the article).

Articles are reviewed on the strictly confidential basis. The article author is only provided an opportunity to read the review text. The review text may be e-mailed, faxed or mailed to the author.

Should the review contain amendment suggestions, the executive secretary sends the review text to the author with amendment suggestions to be taken into account when preparing a new revision of the article or to provide reasonable (partial or complete) rejection of the amendments. The article revised (amended) by the author is repeatedly submitted for review in accordance with the generally adopted order.

The article not recommended for publication is not accepted for repeated consideration.

If a reviewer generally recommends the article to be published, but delivers many critical comments, the article may be referred to debatable articles, and may be published as scientific dispute.

Positive review is not a sufficient reason to publish the article. Final decision of whether it is expedient to publish the article is made by the editorial board of the Journal.

After the decision of publishing the article is made, the executive secretary of the Journal informs the author thereof and states approximate terms of publication.

Article reviews are stored in the editorial board of “Information Society” Journal within five years.